Life on Ansalon is hard, but ever since the War of Souls it seems that life has gotten much, much harder. Many bad omens have haunted the people of Ansalon. The disappearance of the constellations Paladine and Takhisis have caused many to leave the ranks of the faithful. Some of these people have embraced a gnomish way of thinking and birthed a new field; Mechanism. These Mechanists have been midwives to Ansalon’s Industrial Revolution. One such Mechanist, Lord Markus Conwynn heads the young Manufacturing Guild in Solanthus.

Krynn is at a crossroads. Will she embrace this new “technology” and turn her back on the gods? Will she embrace the gods’ return and bask in their light? Or will she choose a different path?

Which path will you choose?

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Threshold of Twilight

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