Matelda Bretel


Matelda Bretel is the Steward of the Sword for the small circle of Solamnic Knights left in Solanthus by Lord Marshal Jaymes Markham. She has been charged with the protection of the city, but the influx of people has left her meager forces ill-equipped to handle the job. Under pressure from the the Guildmasters, the Lady Mayor Duchess Yavanna Firesoul instituted a law that temporarily deputized all security forces employed by a recognized guild. The Knights outrank those deputies, but there are few Knights and hundreds of security guards.

She is constantly at odds with the Lady Mayor and the fresh “deputies”


Annoyed by: Warlords

Sucker For: wild animals of any sort

Favourite Sin: Gluttony Favourite Virtue: Chastity Trusts in: Mercy

She has friends in high places. Her birthday is in the fifth month of the year.

Matelda Bretel

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