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Solamnia is a human nation in northwestern Ansalon. Solamnia has just about every geographical feature: fertile plains, three mountain ranges (the Vingaard Mountains, Dargaard Mountains and the Garnet Mountains), the longest river, the Vingaard River, and the Northern Wastes. Not a perfectly flat land, has ridges, gullies, dry creek beds, small stands of trees, mostly a grassy steppe land. People from Solamnia are referred to as being Solamnic or Solamnian and they speak Solamnic or some of the Knights speak Old Solamnic. Slavery is outlawed in Solamnia, and if you are caught having slaves, the punishment is very severe. Solamnia’s chief exports are grain and cattle.

The provinces that make up Solamnia are Coastlund in the west, Palanthas east of that, Hinterlund on the border with Nightlund, Plains of Solamnia also on the border with Nightlund, Elkholm and Heartlund south of Plains of Solamnia, and Southlund southwest of Heartlund. In Southlund, in the area are Caergoth, the area is known for very violent thunderstorms. From Coastlund in the west, to Hinterlund in the east, live a variety of people—mostly humans, but small bands of ogres and draconians are far too common. Originally located in the center of the Ansalonian continent, Solamnia is now very much a sea-going state because the Cataclysm dumped three oceans around its borders.


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