383 AC

  • With the defeat of Chaos, Takhisis stole Krynn from its location in space, and moved it to a place the other gods would not find it.
  • The reign of the Dragon Overlords begin.
  • note: for a more detailed history of Krynn from 383 AC on visit the Dragonlance Nexus Lexicon

417 AC

  • Markus Conwynn begins speaking to local groups about Mechanism. As magic begins to fade, his followers grow in number.

423 AC

  • The Guildmasters in charge of Solanthus were deposed by the Knights of the Rose.
  • Seizing the opportunity brought about by the upheaval in Solanthus leadership, Markus Conwynn and his Mechanism followers created the Manufacturing Guild.

425 AC

  • Ankhar’s War with the Knights of Solamnia began.

426 AC

  • Mechanists lend arms to the Knights of Solamnia in their war with Ankhar, helping to turn the tide in several smaller engagements.
  • Later that year the Manufacturing Guild receives an endorsement from the Knights of the Rose, for their help in defeating Ankhar and his horde, cementing their place in Solanthus and increasing their clout with the nobles.
  • Please note: Threshold of Twilight diverged from the canon Dragonlance timeline at this time.

435 AC

  • Present Day


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