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The 6th Age

Krynn’s fifth age, the Age of Mortals, has stood witness to more turmoil and strife than the time following the Cataclysm. For the last 50 years the people of Krynn have had precious little to depend on save themselves. The gods abandoned them for the second time allowing a false god to set herself up in their place. Even the wizards, who were untouched by the gods’ first departure, were left to fend for themselves this time. Many of Krynn’s people have decided that enough is enough. They have managed without the gods interference twice and refuse to trust in them again. While others have welcomed them back with open and waiting arms. The wizards have only recently re-established High Sorcery in the world.

The gods, having lost two of their pantheon, are still reeling from the past few years’ events. The most vile of their company, Takhisis, died while on the mortal plane. To keep the balance, the brightest of the gods, Paladine, sacrificed his immortality. These seemingly small events have thrown the pantheon into disarray while the influences previously held by Takhisis and Paladine are re-organized and fought over. Clerics who have remained faithful have begun to feel their newly returned powers wax and wane or be granted new powers altogether during this upheaval.

Wizards, whose powers are ruled over by the three gods of magic: Nuitari, Solinari, and Lunitari, have finally won their powers back. While High Sorcery has been re-established, there exist precious few wizards who practice it. Since their powers slowly faded during the Age of Mortals, only a handful remained, as they were the most powerful and skilled of them all. As such, the High Sorcerers have begun recruiting again, but it will be quite some time before they return to their previous strength.

There exists a new power on Krynn. One only recently birthed from the fires of the people’s new-found self-reliance; the power of industry. Mechanists, as they choose to call themselves, have aligned themselves with no god. They choose, instead, to believe in the people, in self-reliance, and in technology. They are comprised of former wizards, clerics, sorcerers, mystics, and others who were disillusioned by their former deities.

Some of the gods have returned and two of their eldest have fallen. High Sorcery has been resurrected. And at long last what seems to be a balance to the power of gods and wizards has emerged.

Krynn stands at the threshold of twilight on the Age of Mortals. Which path will you choose?

Main Page

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