Broc Heathstone
The owner and operator of The Caergoth Train. A kind dwarf with a mean look in his eye and prepared for nearly any situation. His hair is wild, his stories are wilder, and he’s always ready for some action. He’s been driving The Caergoth Train for 10 years now and complains about his aching back in nearly every sentence. No one really knows where he comes from, only that he and his train appeared around the time Ankhar’s war ended.

Markus conwynn
Markus Conwynn
The leader of the Mechanist Guild

Duchess Yavanna Firesoul
When Emperor Jaymes Markham moved the capital to Palanthus, Solanthus once again needed a Mayor. He went among the nobles to find a suitable replacement that would honor his Knights, and after a week of deliberations, a single name began to be repeated over and over; Yavanna Firesoul. He found that she was the widow of a Rose Knight who died defending Solanthus under his command during Ankhar’s war. She had also been hand-picked by Brianna Rathskell to command a small group of citizen-warriors during the siege of Solanthus that the former Duchess could not attend to personally. On the 21st of Holmswelth in 429AC, Emperor Jaymes Markham, with overwhelming support from the nobles, crowned Yavanna Firesoul a Duchess and named her Lady Mayor of Solanthus.

Matelda Bretel

Matelda Bretel is the Steward of the Sword for the small circle of Solamnic Knights left in Solanthus by Lord Marshal Jaymes Markham. She has been charged with the protection of the city, but the influx of people has left her meager forces ill-equipped to handle the job. Under pressure from the the Guildmasters, the Lady Mayor Duchess Yavanna Firesoul instituted a law that temporarily deputized all security forces employed by a recognized guild. The Knights outrank those deputies, but there are few Knights and hundreds of security guards.

She is constantly at odds with the Lady Mayor and the fresh “deputies”

Viktor Ariakas
Viktor came to the city many years ago for reasons all his own. Finding a niche in the information-gathering market, Viktor is one of the few reasons why neither the light nor the dark has managed to gain any major ground. You can buy his information or you can buy his silence, either way Viktor seems to come out on top.

Thus far, he’s tolerated by both light and dark because of the valuable place he’s put himself in, but there are people below him hungry for his power and it won’t be long before he meets a challenge even he can’t slip out of.


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