Ever since Emperor Markham relocated the capital from its traditional home of Solanthus to the coastal city of Palanthus the city seems to be in a constant state of flux. A new guild arrived and quickly rose to a position of power rivalling the Merchant Guild and Mercenary Guild combined. Whether the Manufacturing Guild did this through deep pockets, magic, or a shrewd combination has yet to be determined. The vacuum of power caused by the Solamnic Knight’s departure is still being vied for. It is not clear yet whether the nobles or the guilds will come out on top.

While the political climate in Solanthus has seen many changes, the civil climate has witnessed no less. The countless wars over the last several decades combined with the damage Krynn has suffered under the caustic touch of the Dragon Overlords has caused much of the once-fertile lands surrounding Solanthus to go barren. As such, many farmers have been forced to either sell what little land they possessed and find other sources of income. People are moving out of the countryside and into Solanthus as word has spread of the paying work available. Solanthus has seen entire small towns show up at its gates looking for work. The massive influx of people has put the city and its people under a great strain. Civil unrest is at an all-time high. With the reduced presence of the Knights of Solamnia, those people unable to find work have become more brash. In an effort to protect their businesses and workers, the guilds have begun creating security forces of their own to pick up the slack.

For general information and history about the city, visit the Solanthus page at Dragonlance Nexus.

Please note: Threshold of Twilight diverged from the canon Dragonlance timeline around 425AC.


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