Campaign Brief

Campaign Themes – This will be an episodic campaign with a high fantasy feel and sparse elements of steampunk. If it would feel at home in the Dragonlance, Wheel of Time, or Forgotten Realms novels, then you may find it here. Influences include Dragonlance (obviously), Lord of the Rings, classic D&D, Sherlock Holmes, The Magicians, etc., …

Character Creation – Start at first level. No class restrictions but some classes may have changed to suit this world. Check out the classes page for more details. Races will be re-flavored as well for inclusion in the campaign. While Dragonborn are now standard in 4e, they will be drastically different for the Dragonlance campaign setting. Anything could be able to fit though, so just ask me beforehand. Try to make a character who can function as part of a team. Alignment should be unaligned, good, or lawful good. Note that doesn’t mean you have to be nice.

Religion – The gods listed in the PHB do not exist in this setting. Religion in this world is less a matter of faith, since everyone knows the gods exist, but rather more a matter of fealty. If you want to take a Domain feat that’s fine, but speak to me about it or check out the Deities page as well as the Feats page to check out some options.

Starting Out – The campaign will begin on the edge of the Lemish forest near the now deserted village of Elmwood. The forest, the town, and most points east of the players current location have been taken over by the Goblins, Orcs, and Hobgoblins left over from Ankhar’s War. No place has been made entirely safe, but the PC’s had been hired by a local nobleman to see to the protection of refugees from Lemish and Throt. Each week The Caergoth Train delivers supplies as part of the contract and it’s due in the next couple of days. The first month saw a flood of people come through as word spread of the area made safe, but that number has dwindled to the point that the PC’s haven’t seen a friendly face in weeks. While the number of refugees have been shrinking, the number of attacks have been increasing.

Important People

  • Broc Heathstone – A kind dwarf with a mean look in his eye and prepared for nearly any situation. His hair is wild, his stories are wilder, and he’s always ready for some action. He’s been driving The Caergoth Train for 10 years now and complains about his aching back in nearly every sentence. No one really knows where he comes from, only that he and his train appeared around the time Ankhar’s war ended. He has been the only source of information for the party for the last six weeks.
  • Duchess Yavanna Firesoul – the current Lady Mayor of Solanthus. She assumed the mantle after her husband’s untimely death following his election by the Guildmasters. She is a harsh, if not fair, leader.
  • Markus Conwynn – The founder and leader of the Mechanist Guild in Solanthus. You’ve heard rumors about him, but that is all you’ve heard.

Places of Interest

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Campaign Brief

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