Why have you come to Solamnia? Besides work. What is the back-story behind your decision to come to Solamnia? Where you born here? Did you get dropped off by a slaver ship? Did you wake up and not remember who you are?

Where did you come from before? What was your life like? Were you a wealthy merchant, a noble, or maybe a simple peasant with blighted crops?

Do you have a family? If so do you know where they are? Do you communicate with them regularly? Are they out to get you? Did they all die for some reason, leaving you alone?

Do you have any enemies? Do they know where you are? Why are they out to get you? Where do they live and work? How far is their reach?

What is your biggest fear? Are you afraid of fire? Disease? Marauding bandits? Rabbits with big sharp pointy teeth? What frightens you and how do you react when you’re faced with your fear?

What is your favorite thing? Do you like a certain food? The sky at night? A favorite possession or person? Anything at all is fine—so long as you like it more than anything else.

What do you regret? What is the one thing that you would go back and change, given the opportunity to do so? If you don’t have any regrets, is it because you’ve lived a charmed life, or are you somehow incapable of regret?

Have you ever encountered the supernatural? Ghosts, hungry dead, spirits, the gods—ever seen one? Where and when? What did you do? If you haven’t, then what do you believe about them? Are you superstitious or skeptical?

What was the last rumor you heard about the capital? Was it good news or bad? Did you believe it? Was it far-fetched or frighteningly believable? Be creative and imaginative with this quesiton—you may find it’s more relevant than it seems.

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